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Cleaning technology is ever advancing now that home carpet cleaning devices, shampoos and powders give results that look outstanding. So, why should you even bother thinking about hiring our professional carpet cleaning services? Because the results don't just look outstanding - they actually are!

The sad truth is that most of those miracle cleaners you can buy off the shelf don't produce amazingly clean carpets. They just produce an amazingly realistic illusion of a clean carpet. It's bad enough that the illusion is short lived, sometimes it's damaging, too. Special substances called brighteners can turn a yellowish shade over time; these can permanently stain your carpet. Not much of a bargain cleaning it yourself in that case, is it?

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Maybe you're wondering why it even matters if your carpet, rug or upholstery is "actually" clean, as long as it looks good. The fibers and covering materials can trap dust, allergens, pet hair; it can be a breeding ground for fleas or mites.

Get professional cleaning help!

Even the best off the shelf products and the most powerful retail cleaners will only clean the top layer of carpet - while you may be able to completely saturate it, their vacuum capabilities simply aren't strong enough to completely extract it. Meanwhile, the exhaust is pouring back into your home, spraying a finely aerated, easy to inhale mist of bacteria, allergens, and dirt. Does that sound like cleaning to you?

Beware of using DIY cleaning techniques

And not only is there a significant amount of grime remaining in your carpet or upholstery and saturating the air in your home, now you've added water which the machine you use can't completely extract. You can't use the carpeted area for days, and your home is damp and musty.

And not only is there a significant amount of grime remaining in your carpet and saturating the air in your home, now you've added water which the machine you use can't completely extract. You can't use the carpeted area for days, and your home is damp and musty.

Even if you run the vacuum extractor over the floor several times, you won't get it all - the top may feel dry to the touch, but a few hours later, it's cold and wet again as the water wicks its way back up to the surface. Basically, when you clean your own carpet, it doesn't get clean, and you create even more stress, inconvenience and work for yourself. And that's if things go well.

That's because you're likely to damage your carpet while attempting to clean it yourself. As much as retail carpet cleaner and rug shampoo manufacturers would like you to believe in a 'standardized' cleaning system for carpets, there's simply no such thing.

Each type of carpet requires specialized care. Whether it's because of a different type of weave, a varied pile, or the material the fibers are made from, you need a professional carpet cleaner with true expertise to choose the best methods and products, and use technique backed up by experience.

And that's where we come in, literally. Also we are not only limited to professional carpet cleaning. We are also proud to provide the following cleaning services:

Give us a call at 301-579-3893 and we'll send someone over to have a look at your carpet and discuss what job you'd like done. Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Fort Washington offers this no-obligation service to you free of charge because we want to demonstrate to you how important personalized service is to us.


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